Step into your calling

and become the healer you were born to be



Increase your healing abilities and knowledge

Learn to channel guides, higher self and souls passed over

Transform emotional issues holding you back from  fully opening to spirit

Align with your life path and purpose

Direct line to your creative inspiration/guidance

For the last 20 years, I have worked with sensitive healers and creatives who grew up in a world that did not reflect them, but who are ready to open their healing gifts.

Simply put, I hold the safe space and container for your natural, spiritual gifts and longings to emerge.


Sensitive healers might be the first people to hide their true gifts, terrified of being mistreated, ignored or just not handled with nuance and care.


But contributing and sharing your sacred connection is why you are here.



Putting your gifts out there is a big deal!





Activating your healing gifts, and unlocking your soul's love, is the most magical experience you can have.  There are no words for the potency of the experience.

However, there are challenges along the way that need support and understanding.

1. Your energy field may be unruly.


If you are a spiritual sensitive, you probably grew up having a strong psychic energy, with all kinds of unexplainable things happening to you, that didn’t seem to happen to others.


You may have experienced a lot of abuse as well, which imprinted your energy field for psychic difficulties.


Maybe you saw angels, ghosts or had premonitions.


Or you felt everyone’s hidden feelings, and couldn’t bear people not telling the truth.


At the risk of sounding crazy, you kept it all to yourself, retreating into your inner world.


Sensitives are not usually the loudest in the room, may be shy, tend to let others go first, and generally don’t subscribe to running people over to be seen or heard.

2. You are running into the same blocks, over and over, no matter how hard you try.


This is the concern I most often hear. You may still, after many years of work, have challenges that just do not budge, traumas that still send you spinning, and you are ready to deep dive through them, finally understanding and triumphing over them.


This is my specialty, our work together excavates these places with the level of focus, care, nuance and power that you need to finally move past them.


3. You are tired of hiding your genius


Despite the world not being so safe, being seen and heard is what you want.


Because with your open channel to spirit’s creative flow,  you have immense talents and gifts.


These gifts need to be birthed! This is where you ultimately will find your joy, your healing and your contribution.


4. How on Earth are you going to come out of your shell and live the visions embedded in your soul?


Creating the sacred space for your healing and creative gifts to emerge has, and continues to be, the underlying theme to all of my healing work.


As a profoundly sensitive creature myself, I deeply understand this path, and what it takes to bring forth your soul safely into this world.


Together, we focus on unlocking the dormant, creative and mystical being within, who is fully alive in their passion.


Over time, you can fully stand in your power, developing the practice, projects, relationships and the life that nourishes you.


Your healing practice, your creativity, your relationships and your spiritual connection all come together as a magnificent expression of life.


Lizzie Rose Reiss


How to share about my work with CC Treadway... How to accurately convey the power in her work...?


Let's put it this way... the amount of healing, growth, and embodiment that I have stepped into since I began working with CC has been life changing.


From her I have learned the art of creating and holding sacred space with love, integrity and surrender. With her I discovered my purpose in spreading the magic.


Through the art I have made within the LightSchool Arts healing container, the creator in me was activated.


And I am now using my creative spirit to activate my magic every day. Sometimes it's painting, sometimes it's building my healing work (which now supports me fully), sometimes it's the written word, sometimes it's song. With CC I have learned how to let art and creativity heal and nourish me.


I can not recommend this work highly enough.

Programs are tailored to the individual, but here are some of the skills you will learn:

Opening to guidance/Channeling

Energy Anatomy

Energy Balancing

Soul Retrieval

Ancestral Healing

Sacred Space

Psychic Protection

Aligning with your purpose

” I feel so much more confident in my healing work.”

” I opened up so much during this program, my telepathic abilities have significantly increased,

I have so much more trust.”

” I am able to access medical guides when I need them now, and I’m so connected to my ancestors,

who show up at every healing.”

” I’m stepping into a whole, deeper level. I want to keep going, I like it.”

Are you ready?


Emerging Healer Program

6 months

2  60-90 min individual sessions/mo 

Text/email support
Creation Activation Monthly Channelings,

Supplemental  online courses

30% discount on any live courses offered during program