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The arts and ecstatic, sensory states invite the Mystery, and with each dive into the unknown, a little bit of that mystery is revealed.


I receive my creative inspiration primarily in dreamtime and meditation. I especially connect with animals that come to me in dreams or to my front door! They like to be painted to remind us that even though many of us have forgotten our connection and place in the forest, they love us, and welcome us home. 

Through the eyes of the animals, a transmission of love, wisdom, compassion and healing occurs.

Through the songs of the forest, the passionate, mystical soul is re-birthed.

Visual Art



"The first thing that gets you is the sound of her voice.  It is so pure, I have to close my eyes and just feel.  The tone is so rich yet so stripped down and pure, it's like a sound that has lived in the trees and in the seas for thousands of years, ancient and soothing. Your soul is charged during this musical journey."

Joseph Eid


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